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Built with F.A.B and proudly hosted on OpenShift


This an about page. It is just a normal entry, assigned to the About category, that has been made non-archivable. This means it won’t appear in the archives, or in atom feeds.

As you have probably noticed, this is not a real blog. This is just a demo for Flask-AppBuilder.

The blog uses the following libraries or external services:

The source code for this blog (minus API keys and other confidential information) is available on GitHub.

Feel free to add and edit comments in the blog. A comment can be edited by the author until 15 after it is published.

If you want to play with the demo as an admin user, follow this link and authenticate with:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: general

If you want to switch to the Public user view, just logout or select Home > Public from the navigation bar.

You can (and should) add entries to the blog, using both the Admin interface and the command line client. The commmand line client is not documented, and the code quality is questionable.

If you can understand it and get it to work correctly on your first try, then you must know some serious black magic. I’ll document it properly as soon as possible.

A cool feature of this blog is to make you entries visible to Admin users and invisible to Public users. To do so, login as admin and create an entry with the Public attribute set to False (you must make the entry Archivable)

Then, go to /preview/all.

You’ll see that the entry appears to you, but not if you go to: /all it’s gone.

If you logout, and try to access /preview/all, you’ll see that it is inaccessible to Public users.

Also, feel free to add comments, using the rich text editor. It even allows you to add MathJax formulas and code blocks powered by highlight.js

The blog supports spam detection using Akismet. To see the result of trying to submit a spam comment submit a comment with the name: viagra-test-123.

Now, let’s show some things this blog is capable of:

This entry was uploaded from the command line. Now, some markup: bold, italic, strikethrough. Inline math works fine. Also \(h = f \circ g\).

An Image uploaded from the command line: python icon

Display style math:

$$ x = \frac{- b \pm \sqrt{b^2 - 4ac}}{2a} $$

A block of python code:

import this

# Comment


class MyClass(object):

def f(x):
    return 2*x

awsome = this
assert this is awesome

A list:

  • point 1
  • point 2
  • point 3

You can use all these features (except images) in the comments.

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